why hire a wedding coordinator?

So are you sitting wondering if its even worth putting money towards hiring a wedding planner?  Here are our top 3 reasons why hiring a wedding coordinator is worth the investment!

1. You actually save money by hiring a wedding coordinator.

Think of the classic line “time is money”. Well, its true in this case too! Frequently, couples go into planning their wedding when they haven’t had much exposure or experience in planning a wedding. It takes them a lot longer than someone who has done the training, and has lots of experience to draw from. Its true that the internet can help a ton with where to get started, decor ideas, and etc. but it will take countless hours sitting in front of a computer to really gather all of the information together. A wedding coordinator has the experience needed to know how to begin, execute and conclude a fabulous event such as your wedding. A wedding coordinator’s job is to stay within the couples budget. Couples who do not hire a wedding coordinator easily spend more than their budget allows. Generally, wedding coordinators have made connections in the industry that can save you from hiring a less than desirable vendor.

2. You don’t have time to take on the huge task.

You deserve to actually relax and enjoy this exciting time of your life! With wedding planning comes meeting up with vendors, tastings, budget planning, timeline planning and the list goes on…We know that most couples live busy lives and don’t have time to add on the full time job as wedding planner in addition to everything else on their plate! Couples who chose not to hire a wedding coordinator often complain afterwards about the lack of time they had to spend together during their engagement. And trust me, you want to enjoy every bit of this super exciting time in your life with the one you love!

3. You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams!

If you don’t have a special gift of putting colours, decor and plans together, or have a vision but don’t know how to execute it, you should consider hiring a wedding coordinator. Here at Wildflower Weddings, we have completed the Wedding Planners Institute of Coordination certificate in order to ensure that we know just how to allow your day to run smoothly and seamlessly. You deserve to spend your special day with your family, friends, and brand new spouse - not worrying about all the details.