how to enjoy a stress-free wedding

Many people go into their wedding day tired, stressed, and just wanting the day to be over with. Why? Perhaps it’s because of the stress that has accumulated by taking their wedding completely into their own hands, concerns of how the day will go, or even thoughts of how family members and guests will mesh together on the big day. 

We believe that you should enjoy your day to the fullest, after all, you are committing to the love of your life and that in and of itself is a beautiful thing! So how do you make sure your day goes smoothly and the lead up isn’t full of stress and exhaustion?

take time for yourself to enjoy the couple of weeks leading up to the wedding. Try to accomplish every task you possibly can ahead of time so that the week or two before the wedding you can spend time with your fiancé and friends, watch movies, go for a walk, take a bubble bath and drink some calming tea! Just do the things that you love and that relax you so you can really enjoy your wedding day.

If you aren’t hiring a wedding coordinator, make a day-of schedule for yourself. You can read it over on your own, hand it off to your maid of honour or someone else you can entrust it with. Even the simple act of writing down what all needs to happen on the wedding day will give you peace of mind and can help to wrap your head around how the day will look. And hey, if things go off schedule a bit, thats okay too. 

Remember that those who chose to attend your wedding are there to support you. Even if you trip on your dress, forget your vows, or a guest is suddenly unable to attend, the purpose of the day is to get married. The guests at your wedding are there to watch you make this important decision and to celebrate with you afterwards! As long as you walk away from the day married, you should consider it a success.