Creating a Magically Festive Event

Whether you are planning a holiday wedding or simply throwing a small holiday party, here are a few ideas on how you can make your event sparkle.


Use holiday classics for your food

Instead of opting for a classic wedding cake for your dessert, why not pecan pies, mince pies, or Christmas pudding? If cake is what you are really into, you could have a yule log or fruit cake with marzipan, which can definitely look like a wedding cake from the outside! As for the main course, that one speaks for itself. You can easily request whatever your classic Christmas meal is to your caterer.


Pick out festive colours

There are so many different holiday colours and variations to choose from. Don’t think that just because you’re having a holiday wedding that you have to go with the classic green and red. Experiment with variations on these shades, such as moss-y greens, berry reds, or creamy off-whites. Add in some sparkle by using champagne golds, silvery greys, or bronze coppers. You’d be surprised at all the variations there are! We advice visiting your local hardware store and browsing through the different paint samples to get a good look at the possibilities. Pair them beside one another to see if they accompany each other well. There are also a ton of websites out there with every colour you could imagine.


It’s all in the details

Creating holiday themes in your wedding is made even easier when you incorporate it into all the little details. Seating chart, favours, centrepieces, cake toppers; this is where you can really bring in the holiday elements that best represent you as a couple. the best advice we can give for this: don't skimp out on the details! they are what really bring the event together in a special way.


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