Wedding Catering Options

When it comes to weddings, food is central! Truly, the reception really wouldn't be the same without at least some kind of food. So how do you map your way around all the options that are out there? First off, you need to see if your venue has an in-house caterer or not.

Often times, when a venue does have in-house catering, they will require that you use them. The trouble with this is when you have a specific food in mind or favourite caterer. The great thing about using in-house caterer's, there's less of a chance of caterers running behind, having difficulties finding items within the space...basically odds are they will know the site well and the day will run smooth!

If your venue does not have on-site catering or preferred caterers (which venues occasionally make you pay extra for not having used their preferred caterer...ouch!), you then must go on the quest of finding your own! This is an awesome opportunity to personalize your event whether you're a die-hard barbecue food truck lover or enjoy taking your time with a multiple course tasting menu! Before settling with your favourite restaurant, it's a great idea to check how much extra it will cost for dinnerware, or if they'd have to close down the restaurant for the day! These added costs may not fit within your budget.


After you've decided on your caterer, you must choose how you'd like the food served:


This is the more costly option, as they will require more staff on hand to serve each guest they're meal. (About 1 server for every 10 guests!) This gives a formal feel to the evening and really does provide nice structure to the reception.


This is a great money saving alternative to a plated meal, and it means guests can pick their favourite dishes out of an array of options! The downfall of a buffet is that there can be a lot of food waste, and last guests to get their food might end up with food that is not piping hot.


Lastly, there are many more options in how your food is served such as family style, or a cocktail party, to name a few. It's important to do your research or have your wedding coordinator go through your options with you so you get what you want while staying within budget. Your best bet when it comes to finding your perfect caterer is to use a reputable company that your friends/family have had good experiences with, or your hired wedding coordinator recommends to you. Remember that not only is the food and drink one of the most expensive costs in your wedding, it's also a very important aspect of your guests overall experience!

Our Favourite Canadian Honeymoon Destinations

In honour and celebration of the upcoming 150th birthday of our awesome country, we thought it was only fitting to let you in on some of our favourite travel destinations within Canada. You really don’t need to travel very far to have a beautiful honeymoon when you live in this amazing country!

Tofino, B.C.

This ones for the newlyweds who love embarking on road trips and exploring new places. With lots of surfing, swimming and hiking, couples can then relax on the beach and eat local seafood while they admire Tofino’s ancient rain forests!

Quebec City

For couples who enjoy city life, Quebec City is a beautiful place to go rich in history! There you will find plenty of restaurants, shopping, architecture, and nightlife.

Georgian Bay, ON

This is the perfect destination for couples who love quiet, relaxing getaways that offers plenty of activities. Go kayaking, driving, or take a dip at the beach - this unique honeymoon is perfect for those wanting a romantic getaway with a stunning view.

Cape Breton Island, NS

Couples seeking a true Canadian, picturesque adventure should consider honeymooning at Cape Breton Island. With plenty of hiking, sightseeing, and photo opportunities, Cape Breton will not disappoint!

Osoyoos, B.C.

This is a great option for couples who are looking for a relaxing summer vacation. With warm weather, fresh fruit, endless wineries, and of course beaches, this is a great honeymoon to wind down with one another.

Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Prince Edward Island is already such a romantic honeymoon destination with its hometown community feel and beautiful waterfronts. But it’s also bursting with things to do! Go on a tandem bicycle together, stroll down the historic waterfront or check out a musical while in this beautiful town.

Banff, AB

Of course, we saved what's close to home and our hearts for last! Couples who love a mix of nature and city comforts will love this destination. There are endless options of things to do such as hiking, canoeing, or if it’s winter - skiing. The town of Banff has plenty of shopping and dining options, and there are many places to explore all over Banff National Park!

We sure do love our country. Happy Honeymooning! 

Mismatched Bridesmaids

A style that we love is having your bridesmaids mismatched in style. Not only does this look fabulous, but it can also give each of your maids a chance to express their personal style. This is also really useful as women are, rightly so, not all the same shape or size. Each bridesmaids can wear a dress that they look and feel comfortable in, while creating some dimension in your wedding photos. 

So, how do you achieve this while still having a general style and flow?


After choosing your colour scheme, pick a specific colour you’d like your wedding party to wear. Then you can let your ladies pick their favourite shades within that colour scheme. Another option is to stick with neutrals and have each woman pick a neutral shade that they prefer - it usually works out that colours like blush, grey, cream and champagne go great together! If you opt for an array of colours, having each bridesmaid have their hair done similar and have the same florals will create a unified look.


Having your wedding party have different necklines is a great way to add some diversity, if you’re hoping to keep them all on the same colour palette. Halter, strapless, off-the-shoulder, it’s all up to what they’re comfortable with! We do, however, suggest that the dresses are all the same length. If some wear long while others wear short, we find that it looks a little sloppy and not as well thought out.


Creating a mix of textures and fabrics is yet another way to achieve a wonderfully unique look. If you choose to mix textures, keep dresses in the same colour palette. Some ideas would be having one bridesmaid in lace, another in sequins, the next in chiffon, and so forth.